Seamless Invisible Tape-In Human Hair Extensions, Natural Straight Remy Hair Skin Weft Adhesive 20pcs 50g

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High Quality Hair Extensions-- 9A grade, 100% Remy human hair extensions, salon quality, soft like your own natural hair. 

High-Strength Tapes & Easy to Take Out-- Specially developed high-strength invisible tape.

Tape-in hair extensions specification: 1.5inches width, 20 Pieces, 50g Per Package. Recommend 2-3 sets for thick full head depending on your hair volume. 14-24inch available.

Hair Quality:
High-quality raw material - 100% Remy human hair 20 Pcs/Set

*12 inches = 30cm, 50g
*14 inches = 35cm, 50g
*16 inches = 40cm, 50g
*18 inches = 45cm, 50g
*20 inches = 50cm, 50g
*22 inches = 55cm, 50g
*24 inches = 60cm, 50g

Double Sided Tape--More Strong and Durable
This tape is specially developed by us with advanced technology. Our hair extensions are double-sided tape with strong glue, powerful and hypoallergenic. It's completely invisible and looks very natural. Easy to install and remove. Durable, anti-shedding.

About the material:

If your hair is thin, we recommend you can try 3-4 packs to add the thickness, 2-3 packs to add the length.

How to Wear tape in Hair Extensions?

Step 1- Hair extensions must be applied to washed clean hair. Part your hair in desired area where extension needs to be applied.
Step 2- Rip off the cover on the tape extension to expose the super tape. Line up extension directly and attach by pressing to piece of desired hair.
Step 3- Double the thickness by adding another layer to the underneath of the piece.
Step 4- Two sticky sides face each other and the section of hair will be in the middle. Like a sandwich.
Step 5- Please Note: Once hair is in, use your flat iron on a low heat setrting. Please control the temperature within 350 degrees Fahrenheit. (Please don’t use too high temperature, because that may cause the tape to melt.) Then heating the tapes 5-6s one time, repeating 5-6 times. You are finished! Your hair is now thick and seamless.